Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pita Chips

These are so easy and taste great with my homemade hummus.  If there are any left-my kids eat them up as soon as I remove them from the oven.

coarse sea salt
Greek seasoning

Heat oven to 350.  
Spread a thin layer of butter on one side of pita bread.  If your pita is thick and you'd like thinner chip-like pita crisps, you can carefully, using a serated knife or simply by pulling apart, separate each piece of pita.
Place on bread on cookie sheets, butter side up.
Sprinkle seasoning and salt-don't go crazy! less is more!-over each buttered pita.

Bake in oven till bubbly and brown. Watch carefully as they burn quickly.  Usually mine are perfect in about 10 minutes.  I break them apart, or while they are still hot, I'll take a pizza cutter and slice them in wedges.

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  1. I made these, Sarah, and they were amazing. I was very excited to have found the Greek seasoning you have pictured on the right. Thanks for sharing!


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